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Where the Cars are the Stars​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Where the Cars are the Stars

Our purpose as an organization of Vintage racecar drivers, owners, participants, sponsors and staff that are devoted to keeping the spirit of yesteryear’s stock car racing alive with vintage stock cars from the late 1930s to 1990s and honoring those drivers from long ago. We recognize the fans in the stands are an essential part of our success and because of them we exist. With great camaraderie, we take pride in our racecars that once roared in the hills of the Upper Midwest.CORE VALUES OF COMPETITIONOur fundamental philosophies of this series is to have fun and enjoy our common interest of vintage stock car racing. 

  • Safety: there are a number of requirements concerning safety. It’s the owner and driver’s responsibility to insure that all safety items are in place in his/her vehicles at all times.

  • Sportsmanship: We strive to accommodate the racers that want to get their cars on track and participate and those that look to have some good clean racing. This is not a series where winning is everything, getting on the track and turning left is. If you are looking to dominate every race, or winning consecutive annual events UMVRS is not for you, although there are other race series that allows for this. 

  • Clean racing: NO CONTACT RACING. Bumps and tire rubs happen but please avoid them. Please avoid 3 wide racing, it’s dangerous and creates crashes. No over-driving the capabilities of yourself or your car. Lapped cars stay low. Use a radio receiver to get instant communication from track officials, this is for safety and car organization.

  • Keeping the costs of vintage racing low, even though today’s cost of racing has increased; we discourage outspending in the interest of outperforming. 

  • Winning is not that important, putting a quality vintage car on the track is.​SCHEDULE & SPONSORSYearly schedules are short as we realize everyone has a life outside racing and other commitments such as job and family, but provide an occasional venue to race vintage stock cars. Everyone is encouraged to seek sponsors for our events. Please thank all past sponsors and patronize their businesses if possible, email, call, mail or in person. Thank you and HAVE FUN!!!                                                                                                                               

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    Schedule subject to change


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    Where the Cars are the Stars


    #9 STOCK CAR

    Ray Burrows - Coloma, WI

    Ray Burrows owner of the beautiful Bill Elliott Ford Thunderbird. Additional information will be added soon.


     #18 STOCK CAR

    Ralph Cottone - Mindoro, WI

    1980 Chevrolet Camaro owned by Cal Cottone, driven by his brother Ralph whos driven race cars since 1980. This car is the original frame driven by Mike Miller, and a tribute to Mike Miller. Sponsors are: Bernie's Equipment of Homen, WI and Accountable Services of La Crosse WI.


    #20 STOCK CAR

    Jim Kulseth - Rosemount, MN

    The #20 1970 Ford Mustang is owned by Jim and Jana Kulseth and driven by Jim Kulseth. Jim started racing in 1983. Raced Hobby, Sportsman, Late Model, Modified, Legends, mostly in MN and WI. 1990s chassis with steel body. Sponsored by Gillund Enterprises, distributors of Justice Brothers Products. Buck Enterprises, who owns Foremost Automotive, Dunrite Automotive and Tim Buck Motorsports. The Line Guy – parking lot striping service, Northern Racing Products.

    #43 Charger Door V3.jpg

    #43 STOCK CAR

    Ken Lewis - Black River Falls, WI

    The #43 1968 Dodge Charger is currently under construction and ready for the late 2023 UMVRS race schedule. Ken Lewis is a former Sportsman driver, and has built, owned and raced several vintage stockcars over the years including (3) 1970 Mustangs, 1973 Nova, 1967 Camaro, 1966 Chevelle as well as several 78-84 Monte Carlos. Sponsor are Graphic DeSigns of Black River Falls and others yet to be announced.

    74 Charger.jpg

    #8 STOCK CAR

    Jay Bozart - Janesville, WI

    The #8 74 Dodge Charger is owned, built and driven by the Big Guy Jay Bozart, A.K.A .Big Guy Racing. This car is a Dale Earnhardt Sr. tribute. Dale Sr. raced this car for his first professional race back in 1975.


    #14 STOCK CAR

    Kenny Baum - Appleton, WI

    The #14 1968 Ford Mustang is owned by Chuck and Kenny Baum. The chassis is a Boyce Track Burner they raced competitively from 1977-80 Late Model Dirt Division Northern WI. Kenny & Chuck raced nationally for 20 years SCCA Road Courses Formula Ford. Sponosor is Baum Machine of Appleton, WI.

    99 Car.jpg

    #99R STOCK CAR

    Ed Reynolds - La Crosse WI

    The #99 1989 IROC Camaro is owned and driven by Ed Reynolds who started racing in 1985. Ed has raced in several vintage stockcars including a 1970 Opel GT, 1980 Camaro and this 1989 IROC Camaro in honor of Dick Trickle. Ed is sponsored by Edweirdo's Speedshop.

    Galaxie Darlington FB.jpg

    #62 STOCK CAR

    David Strachan - Picton, Ontario Canada

    The #92 Stockcar is a 1962 Ford Galaxie 500 wheeled by David Strachan. This car and driver have raced at several famous tracks such as Mosport Road Course in Ontario; Thompson Conn.; Loudon, NH; Darlington, SC and the Milwaukee Mile, WI. David has competed in Off Road; Pro Rally; 750 Superbike; Late Models; Modifieds; GT2 & GT1 Sport Cars and now in Vintage Stockcars.


    #4 STOCK CAR

    Paul Dolphy - Mounds View, MN

    The Orange #4 is owned and driven by Paul Dolphy. This is the original 1970 Chevy Nova stock car that was built and raced by Bob Jusola (1932 – 1980) in the early 1970’s and raced at race tracks all over Minnesota. In 2007 the car was purchased and restored by Jim Heiland of Liberty Station MN. The car had been sitting for 34 years when Jim acquired the car. The chassis is one of the first Bemco Racing Chassis ever built.


    #99W STOCK CAR

    Todd Korish - Holmen, WI

    The #99 is a Camaro owned by Michael Wall and driven by Todd Korish. This stockcar has been in several vintage races. It was built as a tribute to the legendary Dick Trickle who named the his original car Crystal.


    #30 STOCK CAR

    Mike Breckenridge - Northfield, MN

    The #30 Stockcar is owned and driven by Mike Breckenridge. This car is very unique as the car was purchased during the winter of 1964-65 as a new car from L&M Motors in Blue Earth, Minnesota and never saw a day on the public roads.  It was purchased as few factory options as possible Except for the Factory 396 C.I. 425 H.P. and 4 speed, with the intention of running the car in Frank Winkley’s IMCA.

     The car was built by Gary and Mike Stein during the winter and early spring of 1965.  Spring buckets and various reinforcement Chassis welding was done by Rivets Johnson.  The Cage tubing was bent by a Steam pipe bender “outfit” in St. Paul, Minnesota from cardboard templates that we had made after removing the interior from the car. The tubing then brought to the car and welded in place.  Jim Sauter did much of the cage welding.

     In those days the IMCA required that ALL parts on a given Race Car MUST be from the Car Manufacture.  No mixing of Chevrolet Cars with Ford or MoPar parts was allowed.  However, Mike Hefron, who was the President of the IMCA, and would become the Manager of the Minnesota State Fair later, allowed our request, and granted us a waiver to use a Ford Floater Rear end in our Chevrolet.  This was necessary since the 1965 Model had a new type of Rear end design, and there was no way to make a Floater from, and also Chevrolet, historically, had used a 6 holes configuration on all of their racing hubs, and these were very hard to come by, and very expensive as well.  The car ended up having 6 hole (Chevrolet) hubs on the front, and 5 hole (Ford) on the back which lead to some rather interesting tire situations during a few races, where we had the correct size tires for one corner or another, but they would be mounted on the wrong wheels. The waiver allowed us to find racing parts, and Gear ratios that would work for competition at all of the various tracks we would run.

     The Car was driven by;  Sonny Morgan, Harry Kern, Bob Jusola, Dan Prizborowski, John Mickey, Mike Stein, Bill Mueller, And Bucky Peterson, who rolled it over at Fargo in the summer of 1965. After the wreck, the car was straightened out the car at Dick Pellow’s Auto Body Shop, which took about 2 weeks of non-stop work.

    The car competed not only in IMCA competition from Minnesota to Shreveport, Louisiana, but also in USAC at the Milwaukee Mile were Harry Kern drove to a top 10 finish, while Jim Sauter, and Dan Prziborowski, were pit crew, with Mike and Gary Stein. The best finish the car achieved by Bob Jusola at DePe, Wisconsin where he placed second.

     The car was completely restored in 1991 by Mike, and Gary Stein, Jim Marco, and Dale Vanguilder, with a Quick Change, Fuel Cell, and other safety items.

    (Car info sourced from member pages)


    #97 STOCK CAR

    Kulwicki Tribute - Black River Falls, WI

    The #97 is a Kenny Hutchens owned 1980 Chevrolet Camaro with a Lefthander Chassis and is a tribute to the late Wisconsin driver Alan Kulwicki.

    #19 Moose.jpg

    #19 STOCK CAR

    Moose Car - Black River Falls

    The #19 car is a Kenny Hutchens owned car driven by a few drivers. It is a 1955 Chevy Belaire with a Chevelle chassis and sports a 327 power plant. The build is a tribute to Moose Peterson and Everett Fox.


    Black River Falls, WI 54615, USA

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